Have Passport, Will Travel: Gastric Bypass... (or something like that...)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gastric Bypass... (or something like that...)

Morning all,

This post is meant as a bit of support for one of my friends, Chaz. I have known Chaz for a long time. First he worked for me as a contractor working in Martlesham, then he became a manager at the company he worked for, that did work for my company. Then we both got made redundant and he ended up at NEC the telecoms division. He managed to get me a job there as well.

For 4 months Chaz and I were the Waldorf and Stadler (Click the title of the post...) of NEC while we were seconded at 3 the video mobile network in Reading. The both of us had a riot even though the work was crap with a capital C. I have never seen a bunch of inexperienced tossers make such a hash of a network rollout, never mind.

Chaz is a big bloke. I mean seriously huge. He is 6 ft 8 or thereabouts and rather rotund to go with it. His trick at 3G in Reading used to be to go in the elevator and when the doors opened after going up or down he would stand right in the centre of the door. He would completely block the entry to the elevator with his head scraping the ceiling and he body filling from door to door. You should have seen the faces of the people waiting, it was hilarious... A coupla of weeks I got an email of him telling me that he was going in for a operation to shrink his stomach. He is having a sort-of donut fitted to the top of his stomach so he won't be able to eat to much. The operation is not so invasive as I thought it was. Apparently they can do it all now through keyhole surgery. He only has to stay in for 1 night. But nevertheless it is surgery so it can be dangerous. He told me that he was going to email me as soon as he was out so I'll keep you posted on his progress.

Anyone who reads this gone through the same operation? Drop us a comment please!

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Good luck Chaz!




At 21 August, 2006 21:38, Anonymous Kailanil said...

I don't personally know of anyone who has gone through this surgery so I can't really tell you much. I'm sure by now it's been completed. I hope he's doing well.

Here via Carnival of Family Life.

At 19 September, 2006 08:05, Blogger gastricman said...

Undergoing gastric bypass surgery is a big step for anybody and the one thing that can really help is the support of family and friends.

This is a great post and I'm sure that Chaz will appreciate it.


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