Have Passport, Will Travel: Thailand Holiday 2008 Part 5 Bhuddas

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thailand Holiday 2008 Part 5 Bhuddas

Afternoon all,

As Thailand is a Buddhist country it would be wrong not to show something of the religious side of the place...

This was the little temple at the fishing harbour. It is to protect the fishermen out at sea or something...
This was a stairway up to a big golden Buddha. As it was 389 degrees celsius I couldn't be arsed to walk up the steps...
This is some fat Buddha on a tortoise. Apparently praying and placing offerings at this one guarantees you longevity... (I think laying of the beer and getting fit would do the some thing hahahaha)

This was the side of the peninsula where the big Buddha was. Looks lovely and there was a nice cooling breeze of the sea coming in... The place itself was very calming and had a really relaxed feel to it...

Dunno what this fellow was all about. 'Guy with Sword Sitting On Rat'? Answers on a postcard please... Again, I have been to Thailand 4 times now and everytime it becomes harder to leave the place. It is relaxed, cheap, safe to a degree, what am I doing in England???



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